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Clip-in Hair Extensions

100% Human Hair Clip-in Hair Extensions

How to fit your clip-ins hair extensions

The clip-ins may be worn all day and all night, however, they must be removed before sleeping. Please note that there are easy to follow step by step instruction on the back of package with pictures.

Our set of clip-ins consists of eight individual wefts of human hair in varying widths from two – to eight inches, shaped to conform to your head.
Should you desire the clips to have an especially firm grip, you may lightly backcomb or twist each section of your hair. It is easiest to style both your own hair and the hair extensions before fitting them to your head.

We cannot guarantee that the colour you choose from this page will be an identical match to the set order as all computers display colour differently. You can send us a picture to hair of the back of your hair, preferably outside in natural light. We will then make a recommendation, based on what your colour looks like, but when in doubt, go for the darker option, or the shade that is more dominant in your hair.

How to colour your clip-in hair extensions
If you ordered the clip-in extensions and you want to colour them, have it done professionally. They should only be professionally darkened (no more than two shades darker) and not lightened.

Maintenance guide

Before washing your Clip-ins, brush them gently with a boar bristle brush to help detangle the ends. Always start from the ends and work towards the clips.
Ensure that the snap clips are closed to avoid tangling.


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