Quality Hair Extensions

Taking care of your hair

The clip-ins may be worn all day and all night, however, they must be removed before sleeping. Please note that there are easy to follow step by step instruction on the back of package with pictures.

Our set of clip-ins consists of eight individual wefts of human hair in varying widths, shaped to conform to your head.
Should you desire the clips to have an especially firm grip, you may lightly backcomb or twist each section of your hair. It is easiest to style both your own hair and the hair extensions before fitting them to your head.

We cannot guarantee that the colour you choose from this page will be an identical match to the set order as all computers display colour differently. You can send us a picture to hair of the back of your hair, preferably outside in natural light. We will then make a recommendation, based on what your colour looks like, but when in doubt, go for the darker option, or the shade that is more dominant in your hair.

If you ordered the clip-in extensions and you want to colour them, have it done professionally. They should only be professionally darkened (no more than two shades darker) and not lightened.

Before washing your Clip-ins, brush them gently with a boar bristle brush to help detangle the ends. Always start from the ends and work towards the clips.

Ensure that the snap clips are closed to avoid tangling.

Always choose a colour closest to your own hair.
If the colour arrives and is not a 100% match, you can go to your salon to colour your own hair to match your extensions.
If you do not want to colour your own hair, you can swop one or two of the packets for either a ligher/ darker/ colder or warmer colour. This way the different hair colours are sandwiched or mixed together to create a colour closer to your own.
If you would like to go for the last option, consult your stylist or one of the Strands of Love consultants to advise you on the colour that would best suit you.
Please read our terms and conditions if you would like to do an exchange.
First things first, get a professional salon, hair stylist or extensionsist to install your hair if you do not have one yet.
You want to make sure that your stylist was properly trained and has enough experience in the installation of either tape extensions, keratin bonds or micro ring extensions.
The placement of your extensions are very important. Extensions that are placed incorrectly or not in a way to suit your styling needs can either cause discomfort or result in the extension bonds being visible in between your own hair.
Keep in mind that the aim of hair extensions is to look as natural as possible. No one should even know that you are wearing any hair extensions.

For proper aftercare make sure you wash and condition hair extensions in one direction, from top to bottom. Avoid washing hair extensions upside down in the sink or scrunching your hair extensions on top of your head. Make sure you wash underneath every tape when wearing tape extensions. If your shampoo does not reach every part of your scalp, the natural oils of your hair can cause your tapes to move or slide out. Wash your hair when your scalp starts becoming oily to avoid the tapes from coming loose. It is suggested to use shampoo and conditioners that hydrate and add moisture to you hair extensions, like SOL Professional Hair Care.

Be careful of products containing protein/ keratin. Even though protein is good for your natural hair, it will make your extensions feel hard and dry and can cause premature breakage and damage.  Make sure the hair product is sulphate free and your hair feels soft and shiny after every wash, then you are on the right track.

The moment you feel your hair extensions are becoming dry, immediately change your product! Do keep in mind that your hair will need more moisture in winter or in dry seasons. Using hair oils is a great way to keep hair hydrated and protected.

You can absolutely treat your new hair just as you would your own. Curl it, straighten it and most of all, enjoy it!  For proper aftercare, please be careful not to use high heat on your extensions. This can cause your ends to burn and you will experience hard or frizzy ends. Use a heat protection product for aftercare before your use any heat on your hair. Oil protectants work best. Kérastase Elixir oil works well to moisturize and protect your own hair and your hair extensions against heat. Do not use heat on wet hair as your extensions can get blisters from the water boiling in the cuticle. Rather use heat on dry hair. Never style hair with the temperature higher than 180 degrees.

Hair extensions are not a wash-and-go product. Always style your extensions with low heat to make sure your extensions look sleek and healthy. Heat styling will seal your hair extension cuticle to create a sleek look. Add a good quality hair oil afterward to add shine to your hair. Hair oils are a great aftercare product to keep your hair from feeling dry or tangling.

Brush your hair from root to tip twice a day. Brush over your hair extensions, close to the root where your own hair and the hair extension bond is attached. This is the area where knots can form easily. Brush your hair gently with a hair extension or boar bristle brush.

Make sure your don’t pull your own hair when brushing, as extra tensions on the hair follicles should be avoided to prevent hair loss. For proper aftercare, brush your hair extensions when dry to avoid damage. Wet hair extensions are extremely elastic and your extensions can snap or your tape/ keratin bonds can slide or fall out when brushing wet hair extensions.

As an aftercare preventive measure, make sure your hair, especially against the scalp/tape/keratin tip area, is 100% dry. Sleeping with wet hair with cause all your tapes to come loose and knot. Brush hair from root to tip before bedtime. Tie your hair up in a loose bun or plait your hair extensions. Do not sleep with extensions loose as the ends of the hair will break.Sleeping with loose hair can also cause your own hair to knot in between your tapes or bonds. Do not sleep in tight pony tails. Sleeping on silk pillow cases is better for your extensions.

Chlorine water and salt water is not good for extensions. As an aftercare preventive measure, when you go swimming, we recommend applying a leave-in conditioner or hair oil on your extensions to seal the hair as an aftercare. Put the conditioner as close as possible to the top tape or keratin/micro ring part where knotting can occur (Do not put the conditioner or oil directly on the bonds). Immediately after swimming, make sure you rinse the chlorine or salt water from your extensions and condition your hair extensions again. This should be done in order to protect the hair from drying out and knotting.
Avoid tying hair up when swimming. Do not tie wet hair up after swimming, but let your extensions dry naturally. Wet, tied up hair will cause the tapes to come loose, fall out or knot badly. Let your hair dry naturally, and when dry, you can style your extensions with a heat tool to make your hair look stylish and cared for. Gentle heat styling will seal the cuticle for a sleek look.
Apply Argan oil for moisture and proper aftercare.


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