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International Hair Extensions


87 Regent Road, Parklands, 7441 Cape Town, South Africa

083 680 5225

International Hair Extensions


87 Regent Road, Parklands, 7441 Cape Town, South Africa

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Terms & Conditions of Orders or Applications of Hair Extensions:

All goods are supplied to me at 87 Regent Road, Parklands, Cape Town

I accept that when I pay IHX a courier fee, the fee charged is to arrange for a courier on my behalf and that goods are transported to me at my own risk

I accept that IHX products are only to be used in conjunction with all IHX systems, care & maintenance products listed on our website.

I release and discharge International Hair Extensions from any and all claims that may arise from the installation of International Hair Extensions on my clients for any damage foreseen and unforeseen at 87 Regent Road Parklands.

Returns / Exchange Policy:
For health reasons: – NO hair extensions will be returned / exchanged
clip-in sets and tape Extensions that have been removed from the backing board may not be exchanged or refunded
All goods are sold voetstoets (as is) & any warranty / other statement issued is considered to be a separate contractual obligation, not an expectation as to quality or expected lifespan of a particular product
All other returns / exchanges will be subject to an administrative fee of 35% as well as the costs of re-packaging and any courier costs


Do not use off the shelf products.
Some of the really high priced shampoos may actually speed up the rate at which the bonds are broken down and can make the hair brittle/dry. 
Avoid applying conditioner at the roots, as they could slide out.

HOW TO WASH YOUR HAIR: (step by step)
· After receiving your hair extension service DO NOT SHAMPOO FOR 2 DAYS. (fusion /
Tape system)
· Human hair extensions should be shampooed once or twice a week.
· Carefully brush out any tangles using a boar bristle brush. Begin brushing your hair from
the nape area, starting from the ends, working towards the roots.
· Brush out any knots that may be present starting from the bottom and working your
way up before washing them. If you forget to brush your hair before washing…you are
potentially putting water into a knot. By the time you get to brush your wet hair you will
notice it can be impossible to get the knots out.
· Once the hair has been detangled braid the hair in two tight braids about 10cm from the
· Wash hair gently at the scalp only, without scrubbing the hair, rinse hair well.
· Loosen the braids, towel dry the hair gently and apply your conditioner to the hair and
begin brushing your hair with a Hair extension detangling brush from the nape area,
starting from the ends working, towards the roots. (This is a highly important step to
prevent frizzing, matting or tangling)
· Blonde & body wave extensions will need more TLC, as the conditioner will need to
remain on for 5 min before rinsed.
· Apply a leave-in conditioner / spray after rinsing the conditioner and before styling,
because the Hair Extensions will not receive your natural scalp oils, they will need to
have moisture replaced regularly on the mid-lengths and ends. Lack of moisture will
cause your Hair Extensions to become brittle and break easily leading to split and ratty ends
· Don’t brush harshly or tug the Hair Extensions as it can loosen and damage the bonds /
· Don’t twist, wring or rub the extensions when wet – always squeeze excess water out instead. The same applies when towel drying.
· Style your hair as desired; avoid the use of flat ironing especially on very blonde/body wave hair.
· Avoid washing your Hair Extensions more than 2 or 3 times a week. The top of your hair (crown and front area) can be washed more frequently if necessary. Alternatively, dry shampoo is great for freshening up Hair Extensions in between washes.


· Make sure you always use Professional brand Titanium flat irons, not ceramic plated flat
· Never use the flat iron directly on the bonds or tapes as they will melt / breakdown.
· Always use heat protectant spray with no alcohol.



Before you go to sleep be sure to brush out your hair and then loosely braid it so it
won’t tangle during the night. And don’t forget to brush hair before bed.
· Never go to bed with wet hair. This is a big NO and will cause your hair to matt.

COLOURING YOUR HAIR: (Professionally only)
Colour your natural hair the desired colour one week before your extensions are applied,
leaving you to wash/exfoliate your hair 3 times within this time period (fusion / Tape system). It
is NOT recommended that you colour your hair yourself (NO box dye). One can only have the
extensions darkened (colour shampoo only) and not lightened. Stylist to use 5% volume
peroxide only.

Only colour hair up to the line of demarcation. Do NOT allow the colour to touch the bonds /

· Try to brush your hair twice a day to avoid the hair extensions becoming matted.

· Besides when in the shower, try to avoid getting your bonds / Tape wet for long periods
of time. This not only might make your hair extensions get knotted easier but it could
also weaken your bonds / Tape. Activities in a constant, damp environment, such as
regularly scheduled aerobics, gymnastics, steam baths or saunas, may lessen the
longevity of your hair extension service.
· Do not use products on hair that contains sulphur, lanolin, bee’s wax, silicone, oils, sulphate, keratin, protein or alcohol.
Don’t use borehole water. Shampoo hair leaning your head backwards, not forward. This will prevent tangling of the bonds.
· Make sure to keep maintenance appointment after 2 weeks to check extensions and replace any extension if necessary.
· I realize I require checkups once a month for the first two months and thereafter weekly (fusion system)
· I understand that I will lose approximately at least 5 extensions per month
· I have read and understood the home care instructions that I must follow to prevent matting and discomfort, loss of hair extensions and to help prolong the life of my hair extensions.