Purple Pre Bonded Hair I-tipped hair


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PRE BONDED Purple – I-tipped hair – 5 Strands in a pack x 0.8g strands

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5 / pkt

16" – 40cm


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Please avoid products that say “reconstructive”, as it contains keratin/protein. Only use our recommended aftercare products on the site as most of the other brands contain, sulphur, lanolin, bee’s wax, silicone, sulphate, keratin or alcohol, as alcohol makes the hair dry.
Do not use off the shelf products.
Some of the really high priced shampoos may actually speed up the rate at which the bonds are broken down and can make the hair brittle/dry.
Avoid applying conditioner at the roots, as they could slide out.

HOW TO WASH YOUR HAIR: (step by step)

Human hair extensions should be shampooed once or twice a week.
Carefully brush out any tangles using a boar bristle brush. Begin brushing your hair from the nape area, starting from the ends, working towards the roots.
Brush out any knots that may be present starting from the bottom and working your way up before washing them. If you forget to brush your hair before washing…you are potentially putting water into a knot. By the time you get to brush your wet hair you will notice it can be impossible to get the knots out.
Once the hair has been detangled braid the hair in two tight braids about 10cm from the scalp.
Wash hair gently at the scalp only, without scrubbing the hair, rinse hair well.
Loosen the braids, towel dry the hair gently and apply your conditioner to the hair and begin brushing your hair with a Hair extension detangling brush from the nape area, starting from the ends working, towards the roots. (This is a highly important step to prevent frizzing, matting or tangling)
Blonde & body wave extensions will need more TLC, as the conditioner will need to remain on for 5 min before rinsed.
Apply a leave-in conditioner / spray after rinsing the conditioner and before styling, because the Hair Extensions will not receive your natural scalp oils, they will need to have moisture replaced regularly on the mid-lengths and ends. Lack of moisture will cause your Hair Extensions to become brittle and break easily leading to split and ratty ends.
Don’t brush harshly or tug the Hair Extensions as it can loosen and damage the bonds.
Don’t twist, wring or rub the extensions when wet – always squeeze excess water out instead. The same applies when towel drying.
Style your hair as desired; avoid the use of flat ironing especially on very blonde/body wave hair.
Avoid washing your Hair Extensions more than 2 or 3 times a week. The top of your hair (crown and front area) can be washed more frequently if necessary. Alternatively, dry shampoo is great for freshening up Hair Extensions in between washes.


Make sure you always use Professional brand Titanium flat irons, not ceramic plated flat irons.
Never use the flat iron directly on the bonds as they will melt.
Always use heat protectant spray with no alcohol.




Before you go to sleep be sure to brush out your hair and then loosely braid it so it won’t tangle during the night. And don’t forget to brush hair before bed.
Never go to bed with wet hair. This is a big NO and will cause your hair to matt.


It is NOT recommended that you colour your hair yourself (NO box dye). One can only have the extensions darkened (colour shampoo only) and not lightened.


Try to brush your hair twice a day to avoid the hair extensions becoming matted.
Besides when in the shower, try to avoid getting your bonds wet for long periods of time. This not only might make your hair extensions get knotted easier but it could also weaken your bonds. Activities in a constant, damp environment, such as regularly scheduled aerobics, gymnastics, steam baths or saunas, may lessen the longevity of your hair extension service.
Do not use products on hair that contain sulphur, such as dandruff shampoos, box colour and borehole water.

We cannot guarantee that the colour you choose from this page will be an identical match to the set order as all computers display colour differently. You can send us a picture to hair of the back of your hair, preferably outside in natural light. We will then make a recommendation, based on what your colour looks like, but when in doubt, go for the darker option, or the shade that is more dominant in your hair.

Please note:
The type of mobile screen or PC monitor used to view these colours will slightly affect their appearance